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Swimming Pool Cover
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Customer Support

Fantasy on the ground

Olympic Pools aims to provide its services to its customers with distinctive details for each stage in the design and construction of the swimming pool such as:

  1. Help in choosing a distinctive designVarious and distinctive designs are proposed to the customer by professional engineers

  2. Swimming pool lighting
    Because you deserve the best Olympic Pools offers you with a  distinctive lighting for swimming pools not like traditional designs and with new ideas, continuous creativity is the secret of our success We use the best modern methods to illuminate your swimming pool. We combine different colors of lighting in one swimming pool and coordinate them with each other to give a sense of calm, beauty and comfort

  3. Ceramic - mosaic
    Efficiency and creativity in designing all forms of logos in the floors by using and choosing the best ceramic and mosaic types

  4. Indoor swimming pools construction
    Pioneers in the construction of indoor swimming pools, whether they are in your home, they are the best in privacy or in clubs

The most important features of indoor swimming pools:

  • Weather changes

  • Enjoy complete privacy in your home

  • Make your home beautiful

  1. Water Curtains - Waterfalls
    It is an artistic touch and an addition to the swimming pool due to its beautiful and picturesque look, as it is designed from artificial and natural rocks You can also add lighting inside it in order to give a wonderful look at night

  2. Maintenance and treatment Our goal was to complete all steps with a unique and distinctive design for you Execution and receipt on time Post-delivery service (pool maintenance and treatment) Pioneers in the maintenance of swimming pools under the supervision of Olympic Pools

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Swimming Pool Covers It adds a sense of safety, especially when there are children at home, which makes us compelled to move away for fear of the usual childish curiosity and someone falling into the pool, also we may need  during the year to close the swimming pool and protect it until the next use, which is achieved by manual or automatic swimming pool covers. Sound alarms can also be used in the event of a vibrational movement of the surface of the swimming pool water resulting from the fall of any object to prevent any drowning accidents in if there is no swimming pool cover and there are children in the family. Swimming pool covers are manufactured from materials that are compatible with public health standards and have a shelf life of more than ten years. We always take into account safety and security standards, especially in the selection of materials and materials used in the implementation of swimming pools. The best imported materials are used to achieve health safety for users within the attached instructions for use.

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