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 Olympic Pools 

For Contracting

Inspired by imagination

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Olympic Pools For Contracting

Olympic Pools specializes in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools at the highest level. The company is constructing swimming pools of all kinds such as (ceramic, mosaic, liner and Jacuzzi).

The company also performs all kinds of different finishes inside the bathroom, as well as landscaping works around the bathroom (the deck).

Olympic Pools is one of the largest companies in the supply and installation of all electromechanical equipment related to the swimming pools, as well as the installation of the pipe network required for the swimming pool filter and heating system and all swimming pools accessories.

Inspired by imagination

The company also makes artificial rocks and waterfalls, as well as drawings and logos inside the swimming pool.

These works are carried out by a group of specialists in this field and technicians trained at the highest level.

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We assure you that you will have a swimming pool that will be implemented in record time.

We provide after sales services such as (swimming pool water maintenance - swimming pool chemicals - equipment and tools maintenance)

The company offers good prices based on the size, location and the swimming pool type. The company also provides a one-year warranty on all parts and equipment of the swimming pool.

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